26th Judicial District Court Drug Court


        The program employed by the 26th JDC Drug Court is post adjudication.  Cases are referred to the Drug Court from a number of sources in addition the District Attorney's office.  These include the Public Defender Board, State Probation, attorneys, Families in Need of Services (F.I.N.S.), schools (in the case of juveniles), and various other city, parish, and state sources.

        After referral, the probation officer notifies the client, and if requested, the attorney, of the option to participate in a preliminary screening for consideration. The notice sets a time within one week for the client, and if requested, his or her attorney to meet with the probation officer for legal screening.  Based on the results of that screening, if the probation officer finds that the client is legally appropriate for the program, a clinical assessment is scheduled with the treatment provider.   If the treatment provider determines that he client has a substance abuse problem and that the client may be helped by involvement in the program, then the client is immediately notified of a time to appear before the Judge (usually at the next regularly scheduled status hearing).

        If the client elects to enter into the Drug Court and pleads guilty, the criminal charge(s) are deferred while the client participates in the program.   Upon successful completion and graduation from the Drug Court Program, the charge(s) that were pled guilty to and that were held while in the Drug Court Program will be withdrawn and set aside.  Further, when such charge(s) are set aside, the client may elect, at his or her cost, to have such charg(s) permanently expunged from their criminal record.  However, if for any reason, the client does not successfully complete the Drug Court Program, they are referred back to their assigned Judge for sentencing.